The government wouldn’t spend a dime on education, healthy food, drinkable water, assisting people in poverty, de-polluting the streets, or anything else of importance. But they would be on call to spend millions on equipping a small police force to fight off a group of defenseless protestors. You can argue with me that this is not a hate crime, when it so obviously is, but you can’t argue with me when I say that this government is too corrupt to even serve it’s purpose.

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If I introduce a movie to you, and we watch it together, I’ll be spending at least 99.9% of the time watching you to make sure you are responding correctly to the film.

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Did you ever love me at all?
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Time is not kind - but it is not to blame when we fail to achieve our
dreams - time only continues, it is not malicious; to waste a life is your
fault and your fault alone, so be sure to achieve what you desire because time has no intention to do it for you.

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do u ever have a thought that’s so fuckin inappropriate that u feel like dumping a bucket of water on urself like. calm down, self. tone it down. think about jesus

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If they can’t make you laugh then don’t fuck them. Unknown  (via passionatesexx)

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y’all are like “ooh everyone is beautiful” “ooh everyone deserves to feel hot” and then three seconds later you’re making fun of people who cover their acne with makeup and people who haven’t mastered winged eyeliner yet like grow the hell up you don’t get to pick and choose times to be body positive

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